We get it. Even if your mom has no idea why you need to run to H&M for those shoes or the old lady next door gives you strange looks for constantly taking pictures of your Pumpkin Spiced Latte next to your laptop on your balcony. 

We are here to make sure your life is a little bit easier (and answer the tough questions like 'you mean your job is to take pictures of what you're wearing?' when people ask you that for the 100th time). Now that blogging has been around for a while, we all know that content is amazing but getting noticed for all of your hard work can be, well... challenging. We believe 100% that having amazing images that people can share is more than half of the battle. We would love to work with you to help elevate your blog/brand!


That said, your needs don't always fit into one bucket and we don't hate on all of the other big moments in your life. 

While we are pretty obsessed with bloggers, we know that every moment doesn't happen on a computer screen. Some of our favorite times are spent with newly engaged couples and growing families. Graduations, 1st birthday's, and 'just because I feel great today' are all moments that deserve to be captured as well!

Akia Ng is a photographer, wife, and tattooed mama living in the burbs of Atlanta, GA. She's spent a long time soul searching to come to the realization that her passion lies in helping others live theirs. Whether that means helping a blogger grow their brand or documenting a love that's about to come into it's own, she's all in. And if you're curious, the Co. of Akia and Co. is her silver fox of a husband and their curly haired little boys  (Dean + Leo) who will more than likely be at the shoot with you. Mostly because they are nice to look at and the baby's stroller is good for holding stuff.